We’ve got good news – Microsoft has finally made Azure OpenAI Service On Your Data generally available!

You can now leverage the power of OpenAI models, like GPT-4, with your own data. On Your Data incorporates the innovative capabilities of the RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) model, directly “on your data” with enterprise-grade security on Azure.

This ground-breaking feature is changing how you engage with, understand, and anchor your data, delivering unmatched precision and efficiency through an intuitive chat experience. Quickly craft custom digital assistants powered by your own data to boost understanding, speed up tasks, and support smarter decision-making.🔥

What is On Your Data?

The Azure OpenAI Service with its On Your Data feature lets you harness the power of your data by deploying OpenAI models directly, without needing any type of training or fine-tuning. This means smoother conversations, top customer service, and a big boost in how much you can get done across your team. 

Thanks to Azure, Microsoft's cloud powerhouse, your data stays safe and meets the high standards businesses expect. What's interesting is how it brings OpenAI's GPT-4 into the mix while keeping your privacy and security a top priority.

Expanding on this innovation, the service has been engineered to deliver superior AI responses from the outset.

With specialized prompt engineering and enhancements across various components like intent extraction, search retrieval, filtering, re-ranking, and data ingestion, the Azure OpenAI Service ensures that responses are not only precise, succinct, and coherent but also finely adapted to each specific model.

This development speaks to a new era of AI interactions, offering unparalleled accuracy and customization in responding to user queries, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of team operations.

Azure OpenAI on your data
Source: Microsoft

Azure OpenAI On Your Data capabilities 

Here's a snapshot of the capabilities that have become widely available:

Enterprise-level security enhancements

Securely access your private Azure resources through Azure OpenAI Studio and APIs, leveraging private endpoints and VPNs for things like Azure AI Search and Azure OpenAI. Benefit from document-level access control to generate responses tailored to the documents a user is permitted to access.

Broader data integration

Easily link to your data across a variety of sources, including Azure AI Search and Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, with Azure Blob Storage, local files, and URLs/web addresses currently being tested. Additional sources are expected to be fully integrated soon. 

Advanced information retrieval with RAG

Tap into the sophisticated RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) model to significantly improve the accuracy and relevancy of information retrieval, facilitating more context-sensitive and precise conversational interactions.

Tailored chat experiences

Customize your interaction parameters, including response limitations and custom settings, to refine the strictness and scope of documents retrieved during conversations.

Enhanced data retrieval techniques

Utilize Azure AI's vector or hybrid search options for more accurate data searches, enhancing the insights derived from your data.

Semantic prioritization by default

Benefit from automatically re-ranked, prioritized search results thanks to the semantic ranker feature of Azure AI Search, now a standard offering.

Access to cutting-edge OpenAI models

Leverage a range of OpenAI models, including GPT-35-Turbo, GPT-35-Turbo-16k, GPT-4, and GPT-4-32k, to power your applications. 

Search customization through API

Fine-tune your searches and add depth with the RAG model, targeting specific aspects of our API for a more tailored search experience. 

Streamlined SDK updates

Integrate more smoothly with your existing systems using our enhanced SDK, designed to maximize the benefits of Azure OpenAI's On Your Data feature. 

Support for multiple file types

Work seamlessly with a variety of file formats, including .txt, .pdf, .docx, .pptx, .md, and .html, to ensure compatibility and flexibility in data handling. 

Use cases in finance and FP&A 

If you’re a finance professional who wants to use Azure OpenAI Service, with its "On Your Data" feature, to help with things like seamless automation of financial reports, in-depth forecasting and scenario analysis, swift identification of budget variances, and more – you’re in luck.

Below, we share just a few of the possible use cases for finance and FP&A:

Automated assistance

Are you faced with complex questions from the board, CEO, or other stakeholders? You can use On Your Data to provide quick responses to those questions based on your data so you can find the answers to even the most difficult questions in a matter of seconds. 

Streamlined financial reporting

This tool lets you whip up detailed financial reports effortlessly. It covers everything from revenue trends and cost breakdowns to profitability, all in plain language that's easy to understand. 

No time to scan through pages and pages of data and documents? No problem. Azure OpenAI Service’s On Your Data feature offers real-time support to help go through documents, provide answers, and offer guidance. 


You can lean on the AI to test out different financial scenarios, tweaking the assumptions as you go. It gives you solid forecasts that are gold for strategic planning and keeping risks at bay. 

Budget variance analysis

Got discrepancies between what you planned to spend and what you actually spent? Just ask the AI. It quickly sifts through your data, spotting variances and offering insights on why they happened and what they might mean.

Create custom dashboards

Set up your own AI-driven dashboards to keep a close eye on financial metrics in real-time. Plus, you can get alerts set up for important financial updates, so you're always in the loop without having to dig for information. 

How to use Gemini AI with Google Sheets
Google’s latest breakthrough in artificial intelligence, Gemini, has many finance pros anticipating its transformative potential in data analysis and decision-making.

Leveraging RAG for advanced data analysis 

A standout aspect of the "On Your Data" offering is the integration of the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) model, a sophisticated AI tool designed to significantly enhance data analysis capabilities.

RAG blends the power of GPT-4 with a sophisticated mechanism for fetching and applying data from designated datasets. This fusion allows Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) professionals to navigate through extensive financial datasets using natural language queries.

The model's unique strength lies in its dual ability to generate human-like responses while accessing and synthesizing data from specific sources. This means that financial analysts can ask complex questions about their data and receive detailed, understandable insights, forecasts, and analyses directly relevant to their query.

FAQs: Azure OpenAI Service On Your Data

What does Azure OpenAI on your data enable developers to do?

OpenAI on your data empowers developers to directly apply OpenAI's powerful models, like GPT-4, to their own datasets stored in Azure. This enables the creation of customized AI solutions that can analyze, interpret, and interact with their data securely, offering personalized insights and automating complex tasks.

What is the difference between OpenAI and Azure OpenAI?

OpenAI is an AI research lab that develops advanced AI models, such as GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models. Azure OpenAI, on the other hand, is a cloud service provided by Microsoft that integrates OpenAI’s models with Azure’s cloud infrastructure, offering enhanced security, scalability, and integration capabilities for enterprise applications.

What are the benefits of Azure OpenAI?

Azure OpenAI provides several key benefits, including access to cutting-edge AI models like GPT-4 for generating human-like text, enterprise-grade security features to protect data, scalable infrastructure to meet varying demand, and seamless integration with other Azure services for a comprehensive cloud solution.

How does Azure OpenAI work?

Azure OpenAI works by allowing users to integrate OpenAI’s models with their own data stored in Azure. It processes queries and tasks through these models, which then generate responses or perform actions based on the data provided. This interaction is facilitated through Azure’s cloud infrastructure, ensuring security and compliance.

How does the RAG model enhance data analysis?

The Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) model combines the generative capabilities of GPT-4 with the ability to pull information from specific datasets, providing FP&A professionals with detailed, natural language insights, forecasts, and analyses as if consulting with a human analyst.

What kind of insights can I gain by using "On Your Data"?

You can ask complex questions in natural language to receive comprehensive financial reports, perform budget variance analyses, generate forecasts, and create custom dashboards and alerts, enabling more informed business decisions.

Can I customize the AI responses and parameters?

Absolutely. "On Your Data" allows for the customization of chat experiences, including limiting response length and setting custom parameters to refine search results and insights according to your needs.

How does "On Your Data" impact financial analysis and reporting?

It revolutionizes financial analysis and reporting by automating the generation of comprehensive reports, enhancing forecasting accuracy, and providing real-time insights and alerts, all through conversational AI.

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