Parth Kulkarni, Director of FP&A at Adobe, was one of our incredible speakers at the virtual FP&A Summit. He took part in one of our panels: From Numbers to Narratives - Mastering the Art of Storytelling with Data and also acted as our moderator.

The talk was a massive hit with our audience, who had gathered to hear about the challenges of transforming complex data sets into compelling stories, as well as the important role of data visualization in conveying powerful narratives.

We caught up with Parth after the event to get some behind-the-scenes insights into his experience as a speaker. We got the inside scoop on what he gained from speaking at one of our events and key takeaways from his experience.

What inspired you to become a speaker at our event?

The inspiration to become a speaker at the Finance Alliance FP&A Summit stemmed from both personal and professional alignment with the subject. Both, in my current and prior roles, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of data storytelling in finance. The event's focus on this critical aspect resonated with my own experiences and beliefs.

Moreover, the opportunity to engage with industry peers, share insights, and contribute to a broader understanding of the field was an appealing prospect.

The collaborative nature of the event and the chance to be part of a community working towards innovation and ethical practices in finance further fueled my desire to participate.

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“I wanted to create an open conversation, which I think is a unique aspect of this conference compared to others. It was less about PowerPoint and more about open dialogue and communication.”

How did you prepare for your presentation? Can you describe your process?

Preparation involved a thorough analysis of the subject matter, identifying key takeaways, and structuring them into a coherent narrative.

Collaborating with colleagues for feedback and conducting a few practice sessions ensured that the presentation was tailored to the audience's interests and needs.

What were some of the challenges you faced during your presentation, and how did you overcome them?

We didn’t face any technical difficulties during the event. Having backup materials and having had a joint practice session prior to the main event allowed for a smooth experience.

Engaging the audience with questions and interactive elements helped maintain interest and overcome any initial hurdles.

“It was outstanding, the topics were very interesting.” - Ahmed Morsy
We recently wrapped up another exciting FP&A Summit and this time, it was a virtual event, which meant lots of different finance professionals from around the world attended.

How did the audience respond to your presentation?

The audience's response to the presentation was both encouraging and engaging. Their active participation during the Q&A session and the thoughtful questions posed reflected a genuine interest in the subject being discussed.

Feedback received post-presentation was constructive, with attendees appreciating the practical application of concepts and the clarity of the narrative.

Several attendees expressed a desire to explore further collaboration, and the dialogue continued even after the session, indicating a successful connection with the audience.

What did you enjoy most about the event?

The event was a rich combination of learning, collaboration, and networking. What I enjoyed most was the sense of community and shared purpose among professionals from diverse backgrounds. The panel discussions were particularly enlightening, with each speaker bringing unique perspectives to the table.

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A standout moment for me was being able to both participate as a moderator and a panellist in the event, giving me an opportunity to invite diverse perspectives on the topic while also sharing my own insights on the subject.

The camaraderie, intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity to contribute to the industry's growth were truly rewarding experiences.

How do you think the event impacted your personal or professional development as a speaker?

Participating in the event had a multifaceted impact on both my personal and professional development. As a speaker, the preparation and delivery of the presentation honed my communication and public speaking skills. Engaging with a diverse audience challenged me to articulate complex ideas in an accessible manner.

Professionally, the interactions with industry leaders and peers provided fresh insights and broadened my understanding of emerging trends. The event also facilitated networking opportunities that have potential for future collaboration. Overall, it was a growth-oriented experience that enriched my professional journey.

Would you recommend speaking at one of our events to others? If so, why?

Absolutely. The event offers a unique platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. It fosters professional growth and provides an opportunity to contribute to important industry discussions.

What advice would you give to other speakers?

Speaking at the Finance Alliance event is a rewarding and enriching experience, but it also requires thoughtful preparation. My advice to prospective speakers would be to focus on understanding the audience's needs and tailoring the content accordingly.

Engage in dialogue, not just a monologue; encourage questions and foster an interactive environment. Practice is key, so rehearse multiple times and seek feedback from trusted colleagues.

Embrace the collaborative spirit of the event, be open to learning from others, and don't hesitate to share your unique insights. Remember, the event is not just about presenting but also about contributing to a community of professionals working towards common goals.

How did you benefit from networking opportunities at the event?

The networking opportunities at the event were extensive and highly beneficial. I had the privilege of connecting with professionals from various sectors within finance, each bringing unique insights and experiences. These interactions led to stimulating discussions on industry challenges, innovations, and future directions.

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Several connections have evolved into ongoing professional relationships with the potential for collaboration on projects and research. The diversity of perspectives and the openness to share and learn made the networking experience at the event not only valuable but also inspiring.

Are there any topics or areas of expertise that you would like to see covered at future events?

Looking ahead, future events could delve into areas that are at the forefront of financial innovation and ethical considerations. Topics such as the integration of artificial intelligence in financial planning, the role of blockchain in securing transactions, and the ethical dilemmas in data usage would be highly relevant.

Additionally, exploring the impact of global economic shifts, and the role of finance in sustainable development could provide fresh perspectives. Collaborative workshops and case study analyses might also add value, allowing participants to engage in hands-on problem-solving and learning.

About Parth

Parth is a seasoned FP&A leader with a decade of experience in business partnering with senior executives at top e-commerce and technology organizations.

With prior experience in analytics consulting and decision sciences, he's passionate about leveraging his skills in finance, analytics, and storytelling to drive effective decision-making and achieve desired business outcomes.

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