It’s time to pop the champagne as we announce the winner of the Finance Alliance Awards 2023! 🍾 🥂

We've combed through the final nominees, each recounting tales of extraordinary leadership, innovation, and commitment. And trust us when we say that choosing the winner hasn’t been easy.

Each of our finalists has showcased exceptional expertise, dedication, and innovative approaches that have significantly impacted the finance industry. Their stories are a testament to their unwavering commitment and passion for excellence.🥇

However, we had to come to a decision and now, we’ve reached the moment you’ve all been waiting for...

Finance Leader of the Year 2023 🏆

We’re delighted to present the 'Finance Leader of the Year' award to Manish Gundecha, Senior Director of Finance Transformation at HP Inc. 

Manish's journey has been nothing short of inspirational. His forward-thinking approach, combined with his knack for bridging gaps between traditional finance and innovative strategies, sets him apart. 

Always at the forefront of driving value, Manish embodies what it truly means to be a transformative leader in finance. His dedication, insights, and unwavering commitment to excellence have set a golden standard for others to aspire to.

Congratulations, Manish! 🥳🎉

Thank You 🙏

A huge thank you to each and every member who participated in this year's Finance Alliance Awards. Recognizing and celebrating talent is vital to the growth and evolution of our industry. 

Through these awards, we aim to highlight the outstanding individuals who push the boundaries and inspire us all in the world of finance. 

To our community at Finance Alliance, let's continue to uplift and celebrate each other, always setting the bar higher.