The State of Finance Transformation Report 2022 has arrived!

Read through its pages to uncover how modern finance teams adopt new technology to improve data collection, automate timely tasks, and more.

You’ll also unpack intriguing insights from global finance experts on the current state of digital transformation and learn how technology is shaping modern finance functions.

Why did we create this report?

The role of finance within organizations is changing. Gone are the days when you spent most of your time manually inputting data into spreadsheets (yawn!).

Thanks to new technologies, many of the most tedious and mundane tasks can be (or have been) automated. Finance can now step up and offer its unique expertise to influence better-informed decisions that help drive the business forward.

But how can finance professionals like you leverage technology to drive positive change not just within your organization, but in your everyday role? And how can you convince the CEO that it’s time to invest in finance transformation?

You’ll discover the answers to all these questions and more inside The State of Finance Transformation Report 2022.

Key topics discussed in this report include:

💡 Where finance transformation is now.

🔑 Key drivers of finance transformation.

💰 The positive impact of automation in finance.

🤔 Common challenges and how to overcome them.

⚒️ How to develop a culture of change.

🔮 What a successful adoption of finance transformation looks like.

….and so much more.

A sneak peek of what’s inside:

70.4% of finance professionals said their organization is currently developing a finance transformation strategy.

92.6% said the main driver of finance transformation is the desire for more efficient processes.

55.6% of finance professionals predict that big data analytics will be the biggest game changer for finance over the next 12 months.

► More than half (55.6%) of respondents said that FP&A processes have benefited the most from digitalization.

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