The step-by-step guide that takes you from a number cruncher to a strategic business partner.

Finance business partnering is more than just a job title. It’s a unique combination of personality traits, skills, and capabilities that collide to form world-class business leaders and strategy advisors.

‌What’s inside?

In this playbook, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so important for finance professionals to move into a partnership role
  • How to get started and demonstrate your value
  • Overcoming common barriers and getting a seat at the table
  • Key traits and skills of a finance business partner
  • Core principles of financial leadership
  • How to develop a plan to become a finance business partner

‌Dive into this playbook and uncover tips, strategies, insights, and advice from some of the most influential people in finance business partnering, such as FP&A Prep’s Christian Wattig, The Finance Business Partner’s Andrew Jepson, and Business Partnering Institute’s Christian Frantz Hansen.

Start your journey to becoming an irreplaceable asset to your organization.👇


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