Finance Alliance Salary Survey


Complete the survey and be part of one of the most inclusive and in-depth salary reports for finance professionals. 💰

Finance roles are in high demand, so it’s important to make sure you’re being paid your professional worth.

Whether you need to recruit and retain top talent or you’re planning your next big career move, our report breaks down global salary data for a variety of finance roles.

We’ve put a series of questions to our alliance of finance professionals to deduce:

  • The average baseline salary by region.
  • How salaries vary depending on your role and seniority.
  • Whether there is a discrepancy in pay between genders.
  • The most lucrative industries for finance professionals.

…and so much more.

What’s in it for you?

By taking our survey, you’ll contribute to an in-depth report that you can use to:

🌎 Learn how much your peers are earning in different regions.

🪜 Verify your earning potential as you climb the career ladder.

💰 Find out the average salaries for the most in-demand finance roles.

💸 Help negotiate your next salary, pay raise, or promotion with confidence.

🔮 Gain insights to help you recruit and retain top talent for your organization.