We’re gearing up to celebrate the unsung heroes in finance for the first ever Finance Alliance Awards, 2023.

Thanks so much to the community for your submissions. The financial red carpet is ready, the champagne is on ice and the stage is set for us to spotlight the people revolutionizing the industry.

We’ve sifted through the figures and now it’s time to showcase your Finance Award finalists!🥇

Finance Leader of the Year 2023

These finance leaders have consistently inspired trust, fostered innovation, and set the golden standard for tackling monetary challenges.

They've not only managed to maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, but they've also seamlessly kept their finger on the pulse of cutting-edge financial strategies.

The nominees are:

  • Christian Martinez, Finance Analytics Manager at Kraft Heinz.
  • Anders Liu-Lindberg, Partner and CCO at Business Partnering Institute.
  • Julio García, CEO at J&C Financial.
  • Manish Gundecha, Senior Director of Finance Transformation at HP Inc.
  • Prakash Shah, CFO at BUBBL, holistic, Chase Lodge, and Light Initiative.

As we eagerly anticipate the winners, it's clear that the finance community is thriving with remarkable talent and innovation.

These nominees represent the driving force behind some of the most successful initiatives in the industry, and they've left an indelible mark on the financial landscape. Regardless of who takes home the trophies, all these individuals have shown us what it means to excel in their field. 

Congratulations to all the nominees, and let's celebrate their contributions to the ever-evolving world of finance! 🏆🌟 

The winner will be announced virtually on Nov 15, so save the date - more details to follow.