UK SOx compliance: Corporate governance and the role of automated payment controls [eBook]

Financial compliance has evolved in recent years, with more emphasis being placed on the identification and measurement of risk across internal processes.

In fact, the landscape of regulatory compliance has matured significantly in the last decade, and will even more so in 2024, with the introduction of the UK’s new corporate governance reform, 'UK SOx’, coming into full effect.

UK SOx requires finance teams to adopt technology and automation for better payment controls and reporting, so regulatory compliance and risk mitigation must therefore be top priorities for businesses - a topic we focus on in our latest eBook.

This will only come into effect in 2024 and so this is the perfect time to prepare for UK SOx compliance.

Grab your copy and discover the importance of UK SOx and how it can help companies reduce fraud across their finance operations.

Key takeaways:

📖 An introduction to UK SOx and the UK's approach to corporate governance

⚖️ The legal implications for finance & audit directors

✅ How the removal of manual banking processes can aide compliance