The definitive guide to FinOps efficiency [eBook]

Discover how to optimize your processes and develop the right tech stack for your FinOps function.

Want to understand how your peers are managing their financial reporting? Look no further.

Our friends at Sage conducted a study featuring 250+ companies, covering a wide variety of financial process responsibilities and activities to find out just how you can optimize and enhance your FinOps processes.

Our eBook reveals all the key takeaways, helping you to:

🥅 Understand the benchmarks built by your peers

⚙️ Automate processes early

🗺 Develop a roadmap for your tech stack

Here's some facts and figures to whet your appetite...

  • CAC ratio is only calaculated 50% of the time.
  • 75% of respondents found that using spreadsheets was a primary source of performance metrics calculations.
  • 68% of companies report fragmentation of source data as a top challenge for financial reporting.
  • 60% of companies use manual processes to report budget vs actuals.