State of Finance Transformation Report 2022 Survey

Finance transformation

For organizations to survive, they must embrace finance transformation to ensure the finance strategy is aligned with business goals, which is why we're launching the State of Finance Transformation Report 2022!

Get the story behind the data and discover how a successful adoption of finance transformation can drive positive change within your organization.

But we can't create this report without your help. 👇

Why we’re doing this report

Implementing finance transformation isn’t always easy. Without proper planning, resources, and strategy, it can be difficult for CFOs and their teams to adopt new technologies successfully.

Not to mention, it’s no easy feat convincing the CEO and other key stakeholders to kick-start finance transformation in your organization.

We want to change that by giving you the data to back up your argument for finance transformation.

What you can expect from the report…

The State of Finance Transformation Report 2022 investigates how technology is shaping modern finance functions. It also uncovers how CFOs and their teams are adopting new technologies to help streamline processes, increase productivity, and boost profitability.

The report will specifically focus on:

  • How finance transformation is defined in 2022.
  • Drivers of finance transformation.
  • Benefits of implementing a finance transformation strategy.
  • Key challenges.
  • Adapting a culture of change.
  • What a successful adoption looks like.
  • Expert insights on the future of finance.