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Beyond FP&A: 9 exciting FP&A exit opportunities

Are you ready to move beyond FP&A and consider new opportunities? We've curated a list of FP&A exit opportunities catering to a wide range of interests, skill sets, and ambitions. From scaling the corporate ladder to venturing into the thrilling world of entrepreneurship, you’ve got more than a few options open to you after FP&A.

Value creation plan: Uniting FP&A and risk management

Building a value creation plan that effectively unites FP&A and risk teams can be a game-changer for your organization. In this blog post (and video), Stefan Gershater, the Director of Risk at Burberry, walks you through the process of collaboration between these two crucial teams to address both internal and external risks, while maximizing value in uncertain times.

7 important cash flow drivers in a business

What should you do to ensure cash flow is never in short supply? Find out in this blog post, where we reveal seven of the most important cash flow drivers in a business and how you can improve them.

FP&A Summit San Diego | Speakers share their experiences

We recently held our first in-person event, the FP&A Summit in San Diego. � The event brought together finance professionals from around the world to learn, network, and exchange solutions on issues most top-of-mind. Hear what some of our top speakers had to say about the event in this video and blog testimonial.

Finance Alliance Salary Report 2023
Uncover the truth about what your finance peers are earning and see how your salary measures up with the Finance Alliance Salary Report 2023! Download your copy below and discover whether you’re being paid your worth.

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📱 Think strategically about your software

Research shows that:

💰20% of businesses feel their SaaS subscriptions add value

📉58% think managing software reduces productivity

🤝 53% think tools across their org can hinder collaboration

So how can you maximize ROI and cut costs? We reveal all in our brand-new eBook.

Dive in and discover the tips and tricks you need to benchmark your tech stack, cut your software expenses and save and scale your org efficiently. 💡

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Accelerate your FP&A

Automate manual work (pulling data, chasing down contributors, updating models) and focus on the strategic work that matters with Cube’s spreadsheet-native FP&A.

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💭 Are you involved in GTM in your organization?

Whatever your contribution to Go-to-Market, we want to hear from you!

With this year’s State of Go-to-Market survey, we’re doing things differently. There’s no one team that makes up a GTM strategy, which means a comprehensive Go-to-Market report can’t focus on just one team either.

With this report we're focusing the spotlight on you, the people who make Go-to-Market happen, to ensure your peers understand your responsibilities and challenges in the GTM process. Because when you're all speaking the same language you'll be able to Go-to-Market better, together.

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📚 CFO Book Club

If you’re passionate about learning, growth, and staying ahead of the curve – you’re in the right place. 📈

Make sure you join the #cfo-book-club channel in the Finance Alliance Slack by adding the channel.

Each month, we'll be selecting a new 'Book of the Month' through community polls, so you can have a say in what we read next. And we'll cap it off with an online meet-up where we'll discuss the book together, led by a member of the CFO Book Club team.

We'll also be inviting authors and industry experts to join us for live Q&A sessions, so you can get your burning questions answered and learn from the best.

Let's dive in and start reading! 🚀

📣 2023 Speakers

The call for 2023 speakers is now open! Register your interest in collaborating with the Finance Alliance here:

There are various options such as speaking at a summit or contributing to a blog or podcast, and we’re always open to exciting proposals 🤩

💻  The Finance Forum Webinar

How machine learning can help create predictive models | David Iga-Musisi

On April 13 at 5pm GMT we will be joined by David Iga-Musisi, Commercial Finance Business Partner at Pabst Brewing Company

In providing value to constituents, finance professionals are required to give a window of possible alternatives into future performance. This requires projections, budgets, and forecasts. Other value-added items include ad-hoc analysis of possible outcomes based on different factors or decisions.

The following webinar will explore how Machine Learning can help create predictive models.

Fancy getting involved? Drop Millie McCaughrean an email at

💬 Talking Points

@JohnRodriquez is asking what's the best FP&A course for a Senior Accountant looking to gain some skills in that area. Please let him know if you have any recommendations!

Keep up with all the latest hot topics on the #finance-questions channel.

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Want to take part in our Two Cents Podcast? Contact Sabrinthia Donnelly to find out about upcoming opportunities.

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🗓 May 10, 2023 | Virtual CFO Summit

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