Risks of manual banking processes [eBook]

White paper

Find out how bank integration can transform your financial operations, enhance security and minimize risk.

Did you know...80% of businesses still rely on bank portals to make manual payments? And many of those businesses are global orgs, with 57% having a turnover of £100m+.

Shocking, right?

What's more, manual processes that involve employees directly accessing their organization's bank portals pose a significant security risk, increasing the likelihood of theft, fraud, and human error.

This is where bank integration comes in - a topic we explore in our latest eBook.

Grab your copy to understand how automating banking processes can reduce fraud risk and improve efficiency. Your eBook will also dive into the reasons why you should replace manual banking with integrations.

Key takeaways:

⚖️ Why you should replace manual banking processes with bank integration.

📖 Real-life case studies to illustrate how you can quantify the monetary value associated with the risks of manual banking processes.

💻 How to connect back office systems with your banks and what the best solution is for your org.