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World-class resources for finance professionals looking to stand out from the crowd.
  • Soft skills workshops
  • Templates & frameworks
  • 100+ hours of OnDemand insights
  • Free in-person Summit ticket annualy
  • Members-only articles
  • Mentor program
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  • Members-only eventss
  • Members-only network
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What's a Pro+ membership?
Our Pro+ membership offers an exclusive subscription service tailored to help finance professionals reach success. Gain exceptional training from industry veterans, access the latest resources, and connect with like-minded peers who share your passion for achievement.

With Pro+, you’ll possess all the tools and knowledge needed to overcome any challenge and excel in your financial career.
Why sign up?
Professional development in finance requires a dynamic learning approach. We understand that which is why our Pro+ membership offers a comprehensive library of resources, from in-depth workshops to readily available templates and models for on-the-spot applications - we’ve got it all.

Stop wasting time hunting down resources. Pro+ membership provides instant access to everything you need, empowering you to conquer any challenge, at any time.

Don't settle for average. Pro+ inspires you to become a top performer in the financial industry and gives you the resources needed to match your requirements for today, tomorrow, and the challenges that lie ahead next quarter.
“The opportunity to exchange ideas, share perspectives, and contribute to meaningful conversations is what truly motivates me to be an active part of this vibrant community.”

- Imane Haouassia, Head of Finance at HAAT Delivery

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What's included in a Pro+ Membership?
🔖 Soft Skills Workshops. Master the human side of finance and go beyond the numbers with our interactive Soft Skills workshops. Led by seasoned industry experts, these sessions delve into the most important soft skills needed to succeed in finance.

🎟️ In-person events: Enjoy a free pass (valued at $1,195) to an in-person Summit of your choice. Connect with leading finance experts, keep on top of the newest developments in finance, and grow your network within the professional community.

📒 Templates & frameworks. The ultimate toolkit for financial processes like budgeting, risk assessment, and forecasting. A curated library of pre-designed templates that'll enhance your productivity.
Everything you need to excel.
🎬 100+ OnDemand presentations. Access hours of specialist video content, featuring insights of finance pros from the likes of Salesforce, Google, PWC, Burberry, and many more.

✍ Real-world insights. An entire library of action-led content written by finance professionals from orgs like Adobe, L'Oreal, HP, and more. New content is released every other Friday and emailed out to you to help you stay on the revenue marketing pulse.

🎯 Members-only community. Access to a private, members-only workspace to collaborate with fellow members and your cross-collaborative peers.

👥 Mentor program. Grow your personal and professional confidence with support and advice from experienced mentors - like having a seasoned finance guru in your corner.

🤑 Exclusive discounts. Enjoy special discounts, including free access to all virtual events, a 40% discount on additional in-person events, and up to 70% off additional membership plans.
Live Soft Skills workshops
Sharpen your soft skills with our interactive two-hour monthly workshops, led by seasoned finance experts.

🧑‍💻 Real-time engagement: Connect and ask experts questions in live sessions and work through your challenges together.

🗣 Real-life success: This isn't just textbook knowledge, gain insights from finance experts who've been there and done that.

🧠 Real learning: With workshops running every week, you and your colleagues can join sessions at the point of need for cross-functional learning and success.
Learn from top finance professionals like:

Premal Parekh, Finance Director at London Stock Exchange

Parth Kulkarni, Director of Finance at Adobe

Tariq Munir, Head of Finance at PepsiCo

Magdalena Sailer, Finance Director at VICE media

Katrina Martinez, Head of Finance at HP

Daniel Echeverri, Executive Director FP&A at Warner Bros. Discovery

Yoana Land, CFO Transformation at L'Oreal

Sharon Mahoney, Chief Financial Offier at LePrix

Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce, Executive Director - Senior Economist at Standard Chartered Bank


Who’s this subscription for?

If you’re looking to transition or level up in finance, this subscription is tailor-made for you. Our flexible learning formats and comprehensive resources empower you to bridge knowledge gaps, master industry trends, and take control of your career.

How does this subscription work?

By joining us, you’ll have access to exclusive insights, emerging trends, and hours of content, enabling you to enhance your knowledge of all aspects of finance. We have experts from renowned companies such as Standard Chartered, Visa, and Kraft Heinz.

Our extensive library of resources empowers you to continuously learn, stay ahead of the curve, and excel in your chosen field whether you’re an FP&A Analyst or an aspiring CFO.

How much is this subscription?

You get all of this for just $1,999 a year.