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May 24, 2024

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11 ways to build financial resilience

Building financial resilience in business isn't just about bracing for a hit. It's about making sure your business stays on its feet and keeps moving forward, no matter what the economy throws at you. In this episode of Finance Alliance Express, we share 11 quickfire tips to help you do just that.

32 powerful CFO KPIs to measure & master

These days, being a CFO is about way more than just reporting on finances. Yes, tracking cash flow, planning budgets, and letting everyone know how the company is performing financially is still a core part of the role. But CFOs are also key players in mapping out the strategies and plans of action to hit those financial targets. As a CFO, you've got to be clear on which specific metrics and KPIs give you the best snapshot of how the business is doing. And we're talking KPIs at two levels here...

Acquisitions: 6 proven negotiation tactics to seal the deal

Time is money, especially when it comes to acquisitions. Deal fatigue can drag negotiations on for months and every day a deal remains unclosed is another day of lost opportunities and unrealized profits. But that’s only the case if you don’t know how to leverage negotiation tactics to your advantage. By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll know some of the best secrets of the trade to help you gain an advantage at the negotiation table and close deals quicker.

Finance Salary Report 2024

Finance roles are in high demand, so it’s important to make sure you’re being paid your professional worth. Whether you need to recruit and retain top talent or you’re planning your next big career move, our report breaks down global salary data for a variety of finance roles. We’ve put a series of questions to our alliance of finance professionals...

Finance Alliance is on TikTok!

Love TikTok for insights and inspiration? The new Finance Alliance TikTok is right up your alley!

Want to write an article for Finance Alliance? If you'd like to be featured in our blog, reach out to

Finance Alliance is proud to partner with NachoNacho!

NachoNacho is a B2B SaaS + services marketplace powered by Fintech and AI. Finance professionals can manage, discover, and get discounts on SaaS + Services (up to 30 percent off lifetime).

Access $4 Million dollars in software and business savings alongside powerful SaaS and Spend management tools to track and control your expenses company-wide.

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Just landed: The FA Pro+ Membership!

Ever feel like you're spinning your wheels in finance?

You're not alone.

What if you had access to exclusive industry insights, mentorship from top finance experts, and a network of passionate finance professionals all ready to help you grow? (Intrigued yet?)

Introducing Finance Alliance Pro+ membership, your one-stop shop for dominating your finance career.Beyond just a platform, Pro+ offers a thriving community where you'll:

📍Master the soft skills game: Sharpen your communication, leadership, and negotiation skills with interactive workshops led by industry veterans.

📍Enjoy a complimentary ticket to a Finance Alliance Summit (valued at $1,195!) to connect with industry leaders and fellow high-achievers from companies such as Standard Chartered, TikTok, and The Walt Disney Company.

📍Secure a personalized mentors with a finance thought leader who will be your champion, guiding you through roadblocks and propelling you forward.

📍Dive into the latest industry trends, insights and how-to's with a library of exclusive content and OnDemand event footage.

📍Tap into a library of ready-made templates and frameworks to streamline your work and become the office MVP.

This list goes on.

Time to break through the ceiling. Explore what you can achieve with Pro+.

Did you know that the time finance teams spend on manual bank portals is not as “cost-free” as you might think? 👀

From human error to increased fraud risks, the costs are too high to ignore.

Discover the smarter, safer way to handle your finances with help from our eBook, which covers:

📊 The real costs of manual banking processes.

🤔 Bank integration decoded: Your best choices.

🛡️ How to combat risks with bank integration.

🚀 Success stories from those who switched and thrived.

…and so much more.

Get your copy today.

📚 CFO Book Club

If you’re passionate about learning, growth, and staying ahead of the curve – you’re in the right place. 📈

Make sure you join the #cfo-book-club channel in the Finance Alliance Slack by adding the channel.

Each month, we'll be selecting a new 'Book of the Month' through community polls, so you can have a say in what we read next. And we'll cap it off with an online meet-up where we'll discuss the book together, led by a member of the CFO Book Club team.

We'll also be inviting authors and industry experts to join us for live Q&A sessions, so you can get your burning questions answered and learn from the best.

Let's dive in and start reading! 🚀

📣 2024 Speakers

Fancy gracing the stage at an upcoming Finance Alliance event? Whether in-person or virtual, discussing finance transformation, FP&A, or leadership we've got an opportunity for you. Submit your proposal.

💻 The Finance Forum Webinar

Keep your eyes peeled for our next session... 🚀

💬 Talking Points

@Tytti Hyysalo is asking how do you stay updated with the latest trends and developments in finance, and what learning resources do you recommend?

@Millie McCaughrean is asking given the subscription model, how do you manage cash flow effectively, especially in the early stages of growth or expansion?

@Ben Varghese is asking for suggestions on how you handle your monthly payroll accrual to avoid MoM fluctuations when there aren't a lot of changes as far as hires/terms?

Keep up with all the latest hot topics on the #finance-questions channel.

👋 Content Opportunities

Want to take part in our Two Cents Podcast or our upcoming Women in Finance podcast? Contact Sabrinthia Donnelly to find out about upcoming opportunities.

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Upcoming in-person events:

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CFO Summit London | November 06

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