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February 23, 2024

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How to create a flexible budget performance report

We’re all familiar with the traditional static budget – a fixed plan based on predetermined assumptions. But what if you need a budget that can adapt to your actual business activity levels? One that gives you a more realistic view of your financial performance? Stick around as we dive deeper into why a flexible budget performance report is the way to go and how you can create one for your business. 

Thinking about attending the FP&A Summit? Hear from our attendees!

We recently wrapped up our FP&A Summit in London, where we gathered some of the brightest minds in finance and FP&A and talked about some of the hottest topics in the industry today. We caught up with some of our special guests to share their experience and what they thought about the event.

FP&A salary and career path guide (from entry-level to executive)

Welcome to our FP&A salary and career path guide, where we map out the exciting journey from entry-level roles to the executive suite. Let’s be honest – everyone’s FP&A career path looks a bit different. But no matter which road you choose, there are certain milestones and pit stops that most FP&A professionals will encounter along the way. This guide is all about giving you a roadmap of what to expect, from entry-level gigs to the big c-suite roles.

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Just landed: The FA Pro Membership!

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Did you know that the time finance teams spend on manual bank portals is not as “cost-free” as you might think? 👀

From human error to increased fraud risks, the costs are too high to ignore.

Discover the smarter, safer way to handle your finances with help from our eBook, which covers:

📊 The real costs of manual banking processes.

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📚 CFO Book Club

If you’re passionate about learning, growth, and staying ahead of the curve – you’re in the right place. 📈

Make sure you join the #cfo-book-club channel in the Finance Alliance Slack by adding the channel.

Each month, we'll be selecting a new 'Book of the Month' through community polls, so you can have a say in what we read next. And we'll cap it off with an online meet-up where we'll discuss the book together, led by a member of the CFO Book Club team.

We'll also be inviting authors and industry experts to join us for live Q&A sessions, so you can get your burning questions answered and learn from the best.

Let's dive in and start reading! 🚀

📣 2024 Speakers

Fancy gracing the stage at an upcoming Finance Alliance event? Whether in-person or virtual, discussing finance transformation, FP&A, or leadership we've got an opportunity for you. Submit your proposal.

💻 The Finance Forum Webinar

Keep your eyes peeled for our next session... 🚀

💬 Talking Points

@Ben Varghese is asking has anyone taken any scenario planning/forecasting courses that they'd recommend?

@Tytti Hyysalo is asking what is the best approach for calculating and forecasting LTV? Simply forecast 3 year avg revenue per customer? Is cohort analysis necessary for this?

Keep up with all the latest hot topics on the #finance-questions channel.

👋 Content Opportunities

Want to take part in our Two Cents Podcast or our upcoming Women in Finance podcast? Contact Sabrinthia Donnelly to find out about upcoming opportunities.

📆 Coming up

San Jose countdown: 13 days to go. 

The Finance Alliance team is busy finalizing preparations for our first two events of 2024, and we couldn't be more excited. We've organized community CABs to craft the perfect agenda and enlisted top-notch finance experts to speak at the events.

If you've got your ticket in tow, please let us know and we'll add you to the private Slack channel, and we can get the networking started early.

CFO Summit San Jose | March 7

Lineup at a glance:

  1. CFO | Orange Comet
  2. CFO | Planned Parenthood Foundation of America
  3. VP of Engineering | Paro
  4. VP, Finance, People & Culture | Kaiser Permanente
  5. CFO & VP of Operations | Premier Claims
  6. CFO | ServiceRocket
  7. Executive Director & CFO | Secretome Therapeutics, University of California
  8. CFO | Benzeen Auto Parts
  9. VP of Finance and Operations | Avoma

75+ attendees | 14 speakers | 10 sessions

Request your invite

FP&A Summit San Jose | March 7 & 8

Lineup at a glance:

  1. VP, Finance Planning & Analysis | Calm
  2. Vice President of Corporate Finance | Teradata
  3. Senior Director of Global Finance | Visa
  4. VP of FP&A | Vacasa
  5. Head of Finance | Teads
  6. Director of Enterprise Transformation | Cerner Corporation
  7. Senior Director of Finance | Autodesk
  8. Senior Director, Finance Excellence | Salesforce
  9. Head of FP&A | Swissport
  10. Senior Finance Analyst | Warner Bros. Discovery

100+ attendees | 20 speakers | 22 sessions

Request more information 

Call for Speakers: AI in Finance Virtual Summit, May 01

We're looking for speakers who can cover a range of topics including, but not limited to:

🌟 Leverage AI algorithms for financial data analysis and trend identification.

🌟 Enhance finance team efficiency with AI-driven tools.

🌟 Utilize AI for improved decision-making and innovation in finance.

🌟 Future-proof finance processes with advanced tools.

If you're passionate about AI in finance and have a story to share, submit your proposal here.

Feel free to email me with any questions at

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