CFO Book Club

Welcome to the CFO Book Club!📚

Join like-minded finance professionals who come together each month to expand their knowledge and discuss thought-provoking books.

But it's not just about reading. We bring in top authors and industry experts for live Q&A sessions, so you can learn from the best and get your burning questions answered.

Why join?

🔗 Connect with a community of finance leaders who share your passion for learning and growth.

🗣️ Participate in engaging discussions and gain new perspectives on industry trends and best practices.

📖 Expand your knowledge and expertise through thought-provoking books carefully chosen by our community.

🎓Access exclusive content and resources designed to help you excel in your role as a CFO.

🤝 Build meaningful relationships and expand your professional network.

Who can join?

All finance professionals are welcome!

Whether you're a seasoned CFO or an aspiring one, this book club is for you.

How it works…

Step 1: Sign up for our free Slack community of finance professionals who want to learn, connect, and grow in their careers.

Step 2: Search for and join the CFO Book Club channel inside the community (#CFOBookClub). 📖

Step 3: Read the latest ‘Book of the Month’ carefully chosen and voted on by our members.

Step 4: Join the online meet-up each month to share your thoughts on the book. This discussion is led by a member of the CFO Book Club team and is a great opportunity to hear different perspectives, ask questions, and learn from each other.