Boost your software ROI to drive efficient growth [eBook]

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Software subscriptions are most companies' second largest expense after payroll. Cut wasted spend and manage the entire software buying lifecycle across your company.

Did you know...30% of business spend is wasted on unused, duplicate or forgotten software?

So the recent economic downturn is a big wake-up call to take a hard look at how businesses like yours manage software, as it's one of the largest investments you make on a recurring basis.

Luckily, our brand-new eBook, full of current market trends and new data from 1,000+ companies, can help you do exactly that.

Grab your copy and discover the benchmarks of how companies have reduced their software budget, uncover software management best practices, and understand critical processes to build, stabilise, automate and measure software ROI.

Key takeaways:

✂️ Learn how to cut your software expenses by 30%.

⚙️ Discover the internal processes finance leaders implement when managing software.

✅ Learn the latest best practices to manage your software in one place for maximum efficiency and to boost software ROI.